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PDF Property Extension

PDF Property Extension is a lightweight COM extension that brings back PDF properties and columns (like Title, Author, Subject, Comments) to Windows Explorer (File Explorer). It implements the IPropertyHandler interface for PDF files, required from Windows Vista® and later.

Works on Windows Vista®, 7, 8 (both x86 and x64).

My father died last week...

After many years fighting against cancer, my father died last week at age 75.
He just started his new life as a grandfather, a few years ago.
Last month his disease worsened, and got worse day after day till May 25 when God called him.

New website started, good luck CoolSoft!

Today website migration has completed successfully and the new one is up and running.

A lot of new features have been added, starting from the possibility for users to register accounts and being notified about CoolSoft updates.

In a few days a forum will start too; this way most popular projects (VirtualMIDISynth first) will have a reserved (and clean) space to report bugs, suggest features and so on.
That should be better than hundreds of comments, hard to search and follow.

Let's start

This is the beginning of a new adventure, the blog!

After a lot of reading other ones entries I thought: why don't I write down my ideas and findings?
Nevermind, this is not going to be Slashdot or TechRepublic but - I hope - it will contain something cool to read... in fact we are on CoolSoft ;)

Feel free to comment.