PDF paper size

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Anonymous user
PDF paper size

Hello Claudio,

thank you for your great extension. Keep it up.

Is it possible to get the paper size of the PDF in the columns or explorer details?

Thanks for answer.


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Re: PDF paper size

Two issues don't allow me to implement this feature:

  • page size is not one of the default available Windows Explorer file properties; this could be workarounded by exporting Width+Height properties or creating a custom new Page size property
  • page size is not a PDF document property but a PDF page property, because each PDF page could be of a different size/orientation

While the first could be workarounded by exporting the 2 already existing Width+Height properties or creating a custom new Page size property, the second issue requires PDFProperty extension to deeply parse PDF document, extract first page size and export it...

This can't be done because PDFPropertyExtension actually parses only document metadata.
Page parsing could hardly be implemented in the future, because PDF parsing must be as much efficient and quick as possible, otherwise Windows Explorer will hang and become really slow (imagine opening a network share full of PDFs).

Sorry ;)