Authenticode Digital Signing

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Joined: March 24, 2020 - 13:14
Authenticode Digital Signing

Hi Mysterious Creator,

I absolutely love VirtualMIDISynth.  Thank you for the effort, obvious passion, and care you've put into it.

Because VitualMIDISynth is interacting with operating system objects normally not interacted with by normal freeware/shareware, it is detected as a threat by a good portion of the antimalware community as visible on VirusTotal.

As an employee of one of the major security vendors, I would like to suggest something that will quickly allow someone to flag CoolSoft software as non-threatening (non-malware).

As of now, 2020, digitally signing software with Authenticode signatures is a must-for-trust.  This allows the assessment of threat-level to be tied directly to the vendor and an override of a threat detection to be created.

I have submitted VirtualMIDISynth for analysis in order to achieve non-malware status at my employer, but I can do so only based upon the current file version because there is no digital certificate.  As soon as the software is updated, the status override is no longer useful.

In particular, MIDIMapper.Configurator.Proxy.exe is currently detected as malware, but frankly any of the PEs (.exe or .dll) involved in VirtualMIDISynth can be signed by a single certificate and therefore be cleared by reputation of the digital certificate.

If for any reason a securty vendor does not clear your digital certificate, the digital certificate is still useful because an individual user can clear CoolSoft software, themselves, using that digital certificate.

In order to further an audience otherwise scared away from VirtualMIDISynth by their antimalware software, I hope that you are willing to Authenticode-sign your software.

Thanks, again, for such a wonderful product bringing great sound into my tech den!  :)