How to "remove" certain instruments?

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How to "remove" certain instruments?

I have quite a few soundfonts that I like to use.  My primary soundfont has an obnoxious distortion guitar, so I don't want the distortion guitar from that soundfont to play.  I know I can have another one loaded above it in the list to be able to use an alternate guitar.  I just am not sure what set set in the main soundfont settings.

Would it be the "presets" section, and put in a range that excludes the guitar, like 0-35, 37-127? (Wrong numbers, but I forgot exactly which number it is at the moment)

If not, how would I do it, aside from editing the actual soundfont?

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Re: How to "remove" certain instruments?

You can't use preset for this.
You need to "prepare" a soundfont containing only the "patched" program (instrument, at the same index...) and load if after your main soundfont (meaning it must be appear below in the soundfont list).