Soundfont hot reload in case of detected change

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Joined: March 15, 2021 - 15:55
Soundfont hot reload in case of detected change

When I edit a Soundfont, I have to be sure after editing it, that in VMS Soundfont tab, I disable it, click apply, and then re-enable it, click apply (most certainly to reload it in RAM).

It's not a big deal, but sometimes you forget to do it and when you listen to the result you might think that you didn't change an instrument enough and you may be tempted to change it further, but in fact it's just you that forgot to do the disable enable thing.

It's really not a big problem at all, but for convenience I wonder if an active Soundfont could be auto reloaded if the date modified from the file has changed. Maybe windows exposes a modify event?

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Re: Soundfont hot reload in case of detected change

Windows allows a program to "register" an handler that will be notified in case the content of a folder has changed.
There's no way to watch for a single file, you have to watch the whole folder and filter out unneeded notifications (think about a folder with a lot of unrelated files).

That said, yes, it's possible to implement such a feature, but I really don't like it to be automatic, because reload could occur unpredictably: if your soundfont editor saves .SF2 file in 2 batches, it will generate 2 change notification.
Well, VMS will start reloading the SF2 at first notification, then the file changes again, so it could load an uncomplete/not-fully-changed/bad file.

What about a simpler "Reload" button beside the soundfont list (near the Edit button)?
This way you can forcibly reload the selected soundfont when you really want.

Or are you thinking of a "blind" reload, without even opening the configurator...? 🤔

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Joined: March 15, 2021 - 15:55
Re: Soundfont hot reload in case of detected change

I was thinking of a blind reload based on last edit change, but i understand it can get problematic,

if it is too problematic a reload button that reloads the active soundfonts would be pretty cool already :)