EXIT - Automatic close of VMS2

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EXIT - Automatic close of VMS2

The earlier program auto-exited on a PC after MIDI playback concluded.  The new version stays in memory, as shown by the icon remaining in the tray.  Is this intended?

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Re: EXIT - Automatic close of VMS2
krosnafone wrote:
Is this intended?

Yes it is.
I know it seems strange, but the most hated behavior of VMS1 was that it unloads/reloads itself at each use.
Think about a player that doesn't keep the device open between tracks (there's a lot around): you have a delay between tracks and also when searching for a particular song.
Or MIDI games that change track between scenes (some DOOM players were really upset about it).
Also, the delay could be so much more noticeable if you have large soundfonts configured.

VMS2 has a separate synth module that stays resident in memory; it also shares the same soundfont memory between all of its devices, optimizing resources.

Well, actually there's no automatic auto-close in VMS2, but it will there in the future.
I think that the best thing is a timeout from the last closed device, or a choice between a timeout and immediate close.
VMS2 introduced a lot of new features and an important architectural change: I wanted to keep as simple as possible, at least at first.

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Re: EXIT - Automatic close of VMS2

Thanks for the in-depth explanation.  Understandable.  VMS is a fine utility.  Your work is appreciated.


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