Norton Security

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Norton Security

I tried to download and install PdfPropertyExtension_1.12.exe but Norton Security flagged and automatically it erased as being a virus.

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Re: Norton Security

I can confirm that it's a false positive:

I've updated the VirusTotal scan report of the setup file

As you can se 9 of 66 AV engines report it as suspicious; most of them mark it as "Gen:Variant.Application.Bundler" which should mean it contains "Bundled software" or "Unwanted additional programs" as reported by F-Secure help page here:

This is simply not true: it doesn't contain any software other than the Explorer extension!
Feel free to test it in a secured environment like a Virtual Machine or a sandboxed OS, then send it to Norton as a "False positive" report.

I've also wrote a blog post about false positives and how they afflict small developers like me:

Sorry, can't help more...