Soundfont chain

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Joined: May 18, 2019 - 04:02
Soundfont chain

Simply to put it,need the chain to support as many sounfonts one has in their arsenal instead of that this one or that one overwrites the last,know what I mean,got a lot of sf2 packs I wanna work with within my daw and don't wanna be so limited like that.Keep up the good work,love the heck out this program.

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Re: Soundfont chain

I think you've misunderstood how the chain works and why it must be like that.

Suppose you configure 3 SF2 files:

  • A contains Piano and Trumpet samples
  • B contains Saxophone and Xilophone
  • C contains Piano and Guitar

Now you play a MIDI that requires these instrument: Guitar, Saxophone and Piano.
The first two will obviously played with B and C, but what about Grand Piano? Which SF should VMS use, A or C, since they both contain Piano samples?

SF chain make it clear that C overrides A only for the instruments available in both of them.

If you're using a lot of different (and maybe complete) SF files, then you can configure them all and, to switch between them, use the LEDs near their name (see attached picture).
This way you could load as many SF files as you like and activate only one or some of them; you must enable at least one SF for each active virtual device.

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