Anti-virus issues

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Anti-virus issues

I'm a new user of this software because I wanted to adjust the quality of MIDi play back after downloading a few demo files from Wikipedia. I downloaded the software and everything looked fine according to the Virustotal report, but a few seconds after I install it, Panda Anti-virus had decided that the configuator is a delicious midnight snack. I think that it's because it went right into the system32 directory instead of something less worrying like Program Files. Is there anyway to choose where VMS goes?

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Re: Anti-virus issues

Thanks for your feedback.
Since I'm receiving more than one message like this in the last few weeks, I've wrote a dedicated blog post here:

As for your question: no, there's no way to move VMS away from System32 folder because it's a system driver, so Windows needs it to be there (or in a subfolder of it).

VMS2 is a bit different because you can choose the setup folder and move some files out of the System32 folder, but the driver component is still (forcibly) there.