Can VirtualMIDISynth handle keygroups?

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Re: Can VirtualMIDISynth can't handle keygroups on GM Mode?

Hi. Sry if I confused you a bit. I updated the latest version on it without any changes to the dll's from Ian Luck and it still exist. I meant that when I check the box on or off I couldn't hear any difference there. If I activate or deactivate something there, it is stored in the config of VMS. Somehow this still doesn't work properly. With Falcosoft's Midi player, if I check the box on "on", I hear the improvement and it's active. In the test soundfont, kg1 must be active so that you can hear it in the testmidis, otherwise you won't hear any difference when reproducing. Which soundfont did you use as a test? So I can check if it's active there. Thank you for your effort in advance. Otherwise everything is going great with VMS =). I will also reward you for the fix. =) greetings